A dystopian roguelike, make for 7DRL challenge 2023
Cozy snow window for WINTER SCENE JAM
Visual Novel
Simulator and visualization of Covid spread in the workplace.
Zelda inspired tileset! 16x16 in NES Palette
Post Apocalypse themed 1 bit tiles!
Martial Arts workout app
Manage a fleet across a dangerous galaxy! Battle in space, and on planets.
Mesoamerican style tiles in 8x8 limited color palette!
Civilization style top down city builder sprites in CGA!
Lord of the Rings themed 1 bit tiles!
Mega X style tiles, done in a GBC inspired limited palette!
Adventure into a Post Trump.. er... Nuclear world with these Wasteland inspired Gameboy Sprites
Soviet pixel art in 5 colors!
Sci Fi Top Down Pixel art Tiles, Black and White style!
Sci Fi Top Down Pixel art Tiles, EGA style!
Traverse 13 levels of the temple to find the lost treasure! 1bit Roguelike
Role Playing
GBC Palette 16x16 sprites for your Indie game!
8x8 sprites ready for your pixel art game
Take the trail to the west! Buy gear, load up on supplies, fight outlaws, and avoid dysentery!