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You’ve found a dead man’s Duster jacket, its ghost leading you to the richest mine in the west! Players must enter the perilous desert and attempt to assassinate the corrupt lawmen and mechanical fiends guarding this amazing treasure.

Every game is unique. You’ll find an amazing world filled with poisonous snakes, roaming bandit gangs, giant robots, and other drifters out to find the gold first.

Be warned, if you're gunned down you're dead for good!

  • Seek out and Assassinate ruthless criminals
  • Explore an immense desert that's unique every time
  • Fight bandits, dodge robots, search caves, and pan gold in the search of cold hard cash
  • Dynamic combat system of stealth, parries, and exciting attacks
  • A perilous desert that kills for good, no saving!

The core gameplay of Duster is attempting to survive a very harsh desert full of death machines, building up your money and tools, all while trying to assassinate the guardians of a wealthy gold mine lost out there in the desert.

You'll have to make a decision between entering a cave rich in gold, or going to find a source of water before you die of thirst. Drinking water from a running river is clean, but that pool of stagnant water could easily lead to cholera. Stumbling upon a secret bandit hideout could take the player time to go around, but sneaking through might be faster. When all else fails there's always a trusty six shooter to get you out of even the tightest spots.

Combat in Duster is perhaps one of the most intense and fun aspects of the game. Stagnant trade has made ammunition a valuable commodity. Your character must often rely on impressive melee feats in a dynamic combat system. Dodge, parry, even fighting multiple enemies at once. A stealthy backstab is the easiest way to take out an enemy instead of attempting to take them head on. Even with that powerful colt pistol at your side, a long journey out of town could easily see you saving those precious bullets for emergencies and dispatching your enemies the old fashioned way.

In addition to navigation a harsh western landscape and fighting dynamic battles, there are a multitude of fun ways to gather resources in this game. You might start out with the safest route of panning the river for gold and slowly amass enough wealth for bigger adventures. Players may attempt to go cave spelunking to find valuable deposits of gold while avoiding nests of snakes and scorpions. If you're feeling lucky, you can go out guns glazing to take down bandits for gold!

-Game will be open to try only during Pre-Alpha Phase-

You can seek out and assassinate three of the lost mine guardians, pan/mine gold, fight snakes, rats, robots, and bandits, eat/drink, fish, defeat sample quests, and explore a big procedural world. Camp out by the fire, or explore dark caves. There are already so many dangers between the heat, poison, wolves, machines, or even a bandit gunshot. This is still a very early early build, with more features coming!



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This games great! just need more stuff and you're good to go! Also maybe you could make any enemy without a gun flee when they see you fire a shot, I think that'd help the realism as I can't imagine someone charging at me with a stick while I'm madly firing dual pistols

I streamed this last week - here's my highlights! Overall interesting concepts, but needs some work. Interested in seeing how things progress!

This looks awesome! but it wont start

Hopefully the new patch fixes your problem!

The game boots but i cant do anything

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is this using a controller or keyboard? any system specs?

sorry for the bother all i had to do was press z

how do u download a game \

Seems like a fun game! Would love to see more come out of it! I do have a few suggestions though (you don't have to use them just a couple of things i would personally like to see): Of course more items, things such as higher level, or just different types, of guns. Like starting out with a somewhat crappy pistol, but being able to find or buy better guns like a shotgun or a rifle. I would also like to see something like a leveling system, like for things like shooting, fighting, panning for gold, etc. with you getting better at that certain task as you do it. I would also enjoy being able to find different towns other than the starting one, maybe being able to get a horse or something too in order to go between these towns. anywho those are just a couple of ideas i had. As any self respecting old westerner would say, See yuh later dipshit! :P

What are the controls for this game? I figured out Z to start, Arrow keys to move, and C to chat with that dude but that's about it.

when the open the zip there's a file marked "controls" 

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What's up with this: All i did was run the game for the first time, and once i found out what i suppose is the right key to start playing (Z), I pressed it and the game cut straight to what i suppose is a store, but bugged out with question marks as floor, no walls, just a door and a guy that sells me things.

EDIT: I deleted the save file and now it takes me to the desert.

there will be a proper option to restart your game next patch. For now delete the maps in the map folder, don't delete the map folder though 

 Hey! Your game looks awsome! Do you need sound designer for it? I can send to you my portfolio if you like. I would love work on that game! Please contact me via email samyrai_hardcore@mail.ru

Game looks awesome, just won't launch :/


I am having a problem starting up the game, it takes me to a title screen, but no button or input will start the game.


is this with keyboard or controller

Press "Z"


i don't seem to be able to play it when ever i load up the game it brings me to what appears is supposed to be a  title screen and then does nothing else

Press "Z"