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Your loved one has become ill, and only the healing treasure from a desecrated meso-american temple can heal them! Venture down 13 levels of procedural generated challenges to find it. Skeletons, Axolotls, Spiders, and more await you. Be warned, your heart belongs to the gods if you lose!

This game is in ALPHA state and is not yet fully released!


ARROW KEYS - movement
ENTER - pick up item
SPACE - use potion
ESCAPE - quit game

If you're new to roguelikes, simply move into an enemies square to attack it!

**Originally made for "7 Day Roguelike Challenge" 2019*

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags1-bit, 2D, Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, aztec, Pixel Art, Roguelike


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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A very simple but fun game to play! 

Very cool dungeon crawler. Has elements from Zelda & Crypt of the Necrodancer. Very cool artstyle. Definitely play in windowed mode tho, as the flashing lights can be a bit much.

This game is incredibly good. Thanks!!!

please cap frame rate...


I recommend either capping the framerate or separating it from the game logic. Currently unplayable on high-framerate systems due to just running too fast.


this looks great but im having a hard time downloading it! i can see a few others with the same issue but no solution


Not downloadable from the itch client



Not downloadable from the itch client (Windows)?

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Found a bug, I think:

  1. Get a Ichcahuipilli for two armor
  2. Find another Ichcahuipilli for two armor
  3. Take one damage to your current Ichcahuipilli
  4. Swap out for the other Ichcahuipilli
  5. Each one will provide two armor again

Other woes that make me feel like this shouldn't be a paid game yet:

  • Music needs Aztec, Mayan, Incan influence for better immersion (I may be willing & able to create/offer music & sfx myself, actually)
  • Needs soft jumping sound of any kind for your character
  • Needs sound when you jump into or out of water
  • Needs how-to-play keyboard commands mentioned in the beginning of the game (a paid game shouldn't require you to go to its website to read how to play)
  • If multiple enemies die over the same spot, the money doesn't combine; I have to hop over the same spot repeatedly to collect each pile
  • How long does my health blessing or invulnerability last? I don't know how to tell.
  • Is there max health or not? I can't tell.
  • My biggest beef: projectile enemies can hit you while completely off-screen as long as you're in their line of sight. I don't think it'd be considered fair to make players keep hopping into a wall just to check for ranged enemies to come through every single corridor; limiting their range to #-of-tiles-the-moment-they're-visible-on-screen-minus-one (or two) would be ideal.

Nice catch!


Which one? lol jk. Honestly the ranged-enemies disadvantage is the biggest issue because it completely and instantly shut down my motivation to try for a higher score, since that effectively makes any late-game progression random. Made it to like level 12 until they got me.

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Really tight, 1-bit roguelike. I've avoided roguelikes for the past while due to overuse of the term and my aversion to RPGs. But this is a lovley little game. Managed level 4 on my frst go, will defiitely get further on my next game now I know how it works!

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Getting crash a upon boot that says it could not change the resolution no matter which resolution I try. Happens in both full screen and windowed.


Its an incredibly odd error that pops up sometimes, but the next patch coming in a week or so should fix!

Great thanks!


pretty cool


I love the art style, the animations and the overall atmosphere they evoke. Wish I could play it on my mac! 

also if i pushed the arrow keys too fast or held them it would freeze the ability to make an input for a few seconds so i'd have to wait before i could move again.

I got down to around floor 8, and one of those circle chests is in the area, but it spawned right in front of the corridor i need to go through to get to the stairs to the next level so I can't complete the floor.


It's so cool how much personality you captured with 1-bit sprites, both in design and animation.  Also pattern based combat works really well, especially with many enemies having tells as to when they will attack.  After 1-2 floors I felt bad for the axolotls, spiders and snakes 'cause they were just dancing so I stopped attacking them... The entrance floor was a nice touch teaching you how to open the next level too.  Some of the later levels were abit large, they took awhile to travel around though.  Also 1 tiny bug, I jumped on a spike and got hurt, then passed turns by moving at a wall, but the spikes didn't deal damage when they popped up while I was standing in place.