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The end of the world doesn't mean you can't enjoy good 1bit art! A  set of 16x16 pixel art tiles for your pixel art project! EXCELLENT for roguelikes! Whether you're looking for  towns, ruins, caves, deserts, or something a bit more custom, this tileset is for you. Included is a simple tileset sheet, as well as a folder for each individual tile. I've also included a handful of items and weapons!

This tileset is ok to use in any project, commercial or hobby.

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Tags1-bit, Pixel Art, Post-apocalyptic


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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Just got these, along with most of your tilesets, and I can't wait to use them.

Stunning work all around, congrats!


These are too cool! I am translating the tileset over to my RPG Maker VX Ace game, and these are a ton of fun to even just look at! Reminds me of something you'd play on an old-school Apple II or something and heck, like the original Wasteland.

I don't mean to be that girl but some of the tiles do have a very dark purple to edit out instead of a true black? But it's easy enough to find them and remove using the Magic Wand tool in Paint dot Net, or similar. Then I just Shift-painted all of those black. I found the purplish patch on the lower-left grass tiles, as I tend to do pixel work zoomed in.

Aside from that hiccup, these absolutely have my recommendation, especially for the great price. Bravo! <3