V4 is LIVE!

Getting nearer and nearer to a great release release candidate /final version! I think you'll really like this one. Its very solid and playable now, with an improved shop keeper, more items, more enemies, and more layouts. My goal would be a mobile release sometime in the next month or so.


-Added a title screen (while testing on mobile with lower end devices, the game would sometimes have the wrong resolution and giving it a second to "catch up" fixed it)

-Added a bare bones tutorial

-The "level" counter is bigger and more prominent

-There are now condition icons which show up under your health

-Spikes only appear in hallways now

-Added a few more tilesets for levels

-New weapons, as well as "obsidian" version of each

-Enchanted weapons now sparkle when used

-Invisible potion added

-Enrage potion added

-Armor is now stronger

-Added "clone" enemy

-Added big spider enemy

-Statues are a bit more statue looking

-Re balanced enemy HP

-Fixed issue with store text overlapping itself

-Picking up items now shows up on a box

-The store guy is now easier to see

-Adjusted the spawn point of most enemies

-Arrows and WASD now both work

-Cacao now picks up automatically

-Made it more clear who's getting hit

-Enemies no longer spawn in the first room you're in


-Fixed bugs with spikes hitting you, or effecting armor

-Fixed armor

-Fixed a bug where the wrong enemies were spawning on the wrong levels

-fixed a bug where stairs down would spawn in a hallway

-FIxed a bug where your current potion wouldn't drop when you got a new one

-Fixed a bug where statues and items would spawn on the same tile


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