v3 is LIVE!

Hello friends! Some time has passed since the 7DRL challenge, and I've updated Teocalli in a big way! I'm planning to get a full launch of the game eventually, likely as a mobile title.

As I continue to develop the game, the original gamejam version will remain FREE forever. The final version will be $1.99, and continuously updated. I appreciate any and all support!


  • -Weapons now have attack animations
  • -New armor! The chimalli shield
  • -New Weapon - sling
  • -New Weapon - Spear
  • -New Item - Invulnerability potion
  • -New Item - random potion
  • -New enemy - xolo dog
  • -New enemy - beetle
  • -New enemy - shielded skeleton
  • -New enemy -Archer
  • -Added a "store" to buy items and upgrades
  • -Added scene transitions
  • -Added emotes
  • -Added fires
  • -Added subtle wall decorations
  • -Added some statues
  • -Ghosts no longer give off light
  • -Reworked which enemies spawn where
  • -Added generic input control system
  • -Items you can break glint
  • -Adjusted level sizes


  • -Fixed a bug where cacao would freak out when being collected
    -Fixed a bug where collidable items like altars could spawn in hallways blocking the path
  • -Fixed a bug where rooms would spawn wayyyy too small
  • -Overhauled the tile and lighting system to be faster
  • -fixed a bug where enemies would attack the wrong spawn in their animation
  • -Enemies are no longer hit when moving OUT of the square you're going into
  • -Enemies should get stuck in place less often


Teocalli - FULL version 19 MB
May 18, 2019

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