NEW v0.0.1c is LIVE!

Lots of hard work on this one, but the basic Dangers of Duster are nearly in for pre-alpha. The next item is to create the various fun solutions to these hazards. From there we're on to better world gen, NPC interaction, and finally the WANTED system for bandits. Pre-Alpha is going great!


  • Temperature

  • Hot temperature makes water drain faster

  • cold temperatures hurt

  • New item - Long johns. Prevents pain from cold

  • Disease cure item - snake oil
  • Cavalry Sword Item

  • Food Takes Longer to Rot
  • Revolvers take longer to reload
  • increased revolver cost slightly

  • Disease does not last as long

  • Hostile humans spawn a bit more frequently
  • There are now bandits with guns
  • There are now bandits with cavalry sword
  • Expanded the number of items a shop keeper can have


  • Game should no longer spawn you in an empty room when you die


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Aug 22, 2017

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