NEW v0.0.1b LIVE!

Things are progressing quite nicely with duster. Definitely getting into a good rhythm. I'm really excited to bring this next set of features


-Time of day UI element

-Food Rots

-Sickness form food rotting

-UI element which shows if you're poisoned or sick or etc...

-Doctors can cure disease

-Changed the way rivers spawn to make them more varied

-Adjusted the color of caves slightly


-Fixed the way the fishing line works at diagonals

-Fixed an issues where the edge of the shadow/darkness wouldn't spawn

-Fixed an issue where the river wouldn't always spawn from one end of the world to the other

-Fixed an issue where status conditions like poison weren't saving

-Fixed an issue where you could still move while talking to the doctor

-Fixed an issue where the fishing hook would "expire" causing it to reel in infinitely


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Aug 05, 2017

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