NEW V0.0.1a LIVE!

Exciting! Time for a new version of the game for everyone to enjoy. My goal is to hopefully upload bi-weekly. I'm not going to stick to a SPECIFIC schedule just yet as there are still many background details and plans that aren't finalized just yet. As the features unroll and the game gets more complicated bi-weekly/weekly builds are likely as bugs are killed during development.


-NEW TITLE SCREEN with "continue," "New Game," and "QUIT" options

-Added Fish

-Added "Fish" item

-Adding "Fishing Pole" Item

-Changed Game Font


-Fixed a bug where water would try to cut through mountains on purpose

-fixed a graphical bug where the hat was off when shooting a pistol from the side

-Fixed a bug where shadow/dark sprites would sometimes persist in the world and be stuck forever

-fixed a bug where sometimes you could pan gold immediately after panning gold already, allowing you to automatically loot raw ore - the animation would occur AFTER looting as a result


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Jul 18, 2017

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