V0.0.3b Live


  • NPC's can have mustaches and beards in their portrait
  • There are more giant robots roaming the earth
  • Not unlockable yet, but the black hat and confederate hat show up on character creation
  • Changed the UI to use more similar pointer graphics
  • Decreased the amount of time it takes to level up


  • Fixed a bug where pressing "b" to go back while looting could get you stuck
  • Doctors will no longer make you auto purchase healing (YAYYYY)
  • Filling your canteen at a trough works properly now
  • Fixed a bug where looting was tougher when surrounded by plants
  • proper music plays when on the character creation screen
  • Fixed a bug where Beans don't show up for sale at the general store ever
  • Fixed a bug where dialogue could stay stuck on the screen after death
  • fixed a bug where tiles took FOREVER to go darker or lighter
  • Fixed a bug with how attacks were prioritized - should feel like you're always hitting what you're aiming for
  • Fixed a bug where some encounters would be blank of enemies
  • Fixed a bug where the 5 rats needed for derringer quest weren't on the starting town area


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Version 2 Aug 13, 2018

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