V0.0.2GDC is live! See what I'm showing at the moment

With the game still in pre-alpha/early development its hard to showcase it to interested parties. A few more features have been fleshed out in order to give that much more of a vertical slice for a prospective player. Work still continues, but a few different save files in this build goes a far way to showcase mechanics for me!


  • NEW "Wanted" system! 3 (eventually 5) bandits must be tracked down and killed before you can successfully take the mine! These super units have fears, immunities, and more
  • NEW world map! Map is generated as you load the game, and is used to see useful things like towns or enemies
  • MENU OVERHAUL! When you hit start, you can now use the shoulder buttons (or alt/shift on keyboard ) to toggle different menus
  • World Gen overhaul - World is now bigger, generates faster, and spawns in a manner that causes less issues
  • Changed fires to no longer knockback, but instead light you on fire
  • Fire now spreads from person to person, watch out!
  • Cities now spawn in more of a "strip" instead of random
  • Adjusted the buttons on the the UI - right now it matches an XBOX controller
  • Mouse no longer shows while playing thegame
  • When your equipped item breaks, it has a visual effect
  • Adjusted the graphical look of the dash
  • Adjusted the color of UI elements
  • Slightly bolded cliff edges
  • adjusted building sizes


  • Reduced game lag Considerably
  • Fixed a bug where starting a new game didn't always work
  • Fixed a bug where tiles wouldn't show up at the edge of the screen at higher resolution
  • Events can no longer pop up while sleeping
  • Fixed a bug where pots and boxes drop logs
  • Fixed a bug with the way text displays in journal
  • fixed a bug when shooting down
  • Fixed a bug where NPC's knocked off screen dissapear
  • Fixed a bug with cooking wolf meat
  • Fixed a bug with item highlighting
  • Fixed a bug with dirt striations on cliff edges and rifer edges


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Mar 15, 2018

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