BIG update!!! v0.0.2c. Robots, intro, and MORE!

This one is a big big update. Be prepared! New intro, new mechanics and items... but more importantly ROBOTS! Giant ones, small ones, dead ones... and even a new title screen!


  • Female hair option!
    Giant machines now roam the world
  • NPCs can be human, or robot now
  • Update title screen with new graphics, and animation
  • Machine/robot debris is now scattered across the desert
  • Music in the intro and during gameplay!
  • Basic QUEST and DIALOGUE systems in, allowing for a sample of future mechanics. 3 basic quests (non-procedural) added for demonstration purposes
  • JOURNAL added to select menu
  • NEW ITEM: derringer
  • NEW ITEM: rusty sabre
  • Added "dust storm" event"
  • Bandit raid event re-added to game
  • Fixed the character creator to actually display options instead of hex values
  • Added buttons on screen to make it more obvious what the buttons do hopefully
  • swapped a/b buttons on controller
  • D-Pad now works for controllers
  • New NPC clothes (brown and blue farmer clothes, blue dresses)
  • Added how long you survived on the death screen
  • Dazed effect only lasts for a few seconds on player now
  • added shadows to cactuses and trees
  • Expanded the things npcs will say
  • Added NPCs inside buildings
  • Added NPC icons
  • NPCs now have names
  • Shelves and dressers randomly have items sometimes
  • Time is slightly faster now
  • Town buildings are more spread out now
  • slight adjustments to camera movement
  • Sources of light had their power reduced by 1/2
  • Rats and snakes will now idle
  • More rats, less snakes
  • Caves are now WAYYY bigger
  • caves have more ore veins
  • Cave ores will drop dirt, gold dirt, and even gold nuggets!
  • Trees now explode into logs
  • pots and crates now have a destruction effect


  • Items that drop no longer dissapear
  • Destroyed pots and boxes no longer collide or mover after destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where dying, and starting a new game, didn't work
  • Fixed a bug where some animals would talk
  • Fixed a bug where wall shadows overlayed beds
  • fixed a bug where sometimes collecting money put it in your inventory as an item instead of as money
  • fixed a bug where the duster didn't animate on death
  • Fixed a bug where sickness emote would show up when just hot
  • Fixed a bug where you could "mine" ore veins with a sword
  • Fixed a bug where you could access game menu from other menus
  • fixed a bug where the fishing pole was never for sale
  • Fixed a bug where cities would always spawn trailing diagonal down and left

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Feb 06, 2018

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