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Well here we are, a new year and a new patch! The goal for early 2018 is to develop a "show" build. This will have a proper intro + simple end state. I decided to spend the end of my 2017 adding some fluff to the game since I'll need to be so focused on serious things now.


  • Character creator has been reduced to a single menu, with options slightly more limited.
  • Dead bodies eventually become skeletons
  • Added a slew of indoor shelves and whatnot. Eventually this will be helpful for scavenging
  • Items drop from pots and crates
  • you can fill your canteens from troughs
  • Dash has a new effect, but it now costs more to use
  • Added a "sick" emote
  • Changed the disease icon
  • Train tracks spawn differently know through mountains
  • People don't show up at night


  • Exited the game and starting a new game works now
  • Exiting the game then loading the game works everytime now
  • Fixed a bug where the template was showing when looting facing down
  • Fixed the way items that can be pushed move
  • Dust isn't kicked up while sneaking anymore
  • Fixed a bug where doodads would spawn in the water
  • Fixed a bug where NPC's that die but have no loot crashes the game


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Jan 01, 2018

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