v0.0.2 is live! Now thats exciting!

Alrighty big milestone here - the first pre-alpha patch is complete, moving the game into v0.0.2! In case you're curious how version conventions work for this game let me explain:

v 0(major version) . 0(minor version) . 0 (current draft)

or in other words v1.0 would be game fully complete, v0.5 would be somewhere around the end of ALPHA . We're currently not even at v0.1 yet, so everything is still PRE-ALPHA.

onto the patch!


  • Lever action rifle - longer range and more accurate. Holds 8 shots
  • Secondary Abilities for Guns - Lever guns can be aimed, pistols can be rapid fired to shoot all their ammo
  • Guns now have an accuracy variance
  • Game menu! You can now exit the game via menu (Select on controller, escape on keyboard)
  • Added a second stylized font.
  • Fancied up the titles of locations
  • Bandits now spawn in "camps" 25% of the time surrounded a camp fire.
  • game time is slightly sped up
  • Adjusted the way NPCs receive items, so they now have random items to sell.
  • Towns now have fences
  • NPC's walk around town now, sometimes they will say hello!
  • Added an angry emote


  • Fixed some bugs with enemy/npc pathfinding and how they move from point to point.
  • Fixed a bug with npc/enemy facing


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Nov 26, 2017

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