And now V0.0.1g!

Been doing a LOT of future patch prep work (got some bigger mechanics and more plot/game loop oriented stuff in the works) so this patch got a little delayed. I wanted to put SOMETHING out so you guys wouldn't feel like I was ignoring you! Some major FPS/Lag fixes in (though not done with that yet) that should really make everyone feel a lot more happy playing.


  • NEW ITEM: wolf meat, cooked wolf meat, rotten wolf meat
  • Sped up world gen slightly
  • Reduced the map file sizes down to 1/3rd its original size
  • Added a second city, though it'll have the same buildings the main city does for now
  • Increased the world size
  • Adjusted the way zoom does its thing
  • Added roads bet
  • Added in a train track going down the map - it'll be used later on but I wanted its level generation code in game now
  • Added some simple saloon chairs, not really for a reason.


  • Fixed a MAJOR lag bug  with tiles constantly being allocated non-stop! You should see a noticeable difference
  • Fixed the town layout so it doesn't spread out all the time
  • Fixed the town placement so it doesn't spawn ontop of an area that can't fit a town
  • Fixed some sprite errors on the hurt idle animation
  • Fixed a bug where bridges spawned the wrong direction
  • Fixed a bug where NPC's would sometimes spawn in the wall, or on the bar
  • Fixed it so shop owners are not always randomized upon entering the building
  • Roads no longer go through water


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Nov 13, 2017

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