Wahoo, v0.0.1f is lived!

Alright, got a pretty big set of updates here  The next patch after this will mostly feature bug fixes and some (hopefully) big FPS increases and be fairly light content wise.  Enough with the future though, lets focus on the here and now!


  • Wolves - they prowl at night, but aren't around during the day. They do come in mobs!
  • Cooking! You can now cook the food you find at a campfire
  • New Frying Pan item
  • New cooked fish item
  • New cooked beans item
  • New cooked rat meat item
  • New cooked snake meat item
  • A "Z" now forms over your head when you sleep
  • Adjusted the color of the dust
  • Disabled the need to talk to the merchant before leaving the general store
  • Fish now spawn at different rates depending on time of day
  • Cooked beans can rot
  • Changed the zoom + bars to only happen when fighting humans
  • You can no longer slide under animals
  • Snakes do not show up at night anymore


  • Fixed an error with the idle sprites when hurt (still an error with the white outfit)
  • Fixed a bug with making campfires (no campfire, or crash)
  • Fixed a bug where talking to the doctor would auto buy the first option
  • Fixed a bug where the kerchief you wear was showing up UNDER the duster
  • Fixed a bug in the city gen layout that prevented it from spawning on or the other side of the river


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Oct 21, 2017

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