Yay! V0.0.1e is LIVE!

Lots of big things that are new today! A bit more of an "intermediate" build compared to others with what is new , but dang did I do a lot! I think a lot of you guys are really going to like it!


  • NEW Rat Enemy. They're not interested in attacking and provide some quick food
  • New item - rat meat
  • Sleeping - you can now interact with a fire, and sleep in front of it speeding up time until the next morning
  • BLEEDING condition - when attacked with a gun or a knife you can be cut and slowly bleed out
  • Doctors can now heal bleeding
  • Areas can now have a title, a temporary title label is added to the hud to show this
  • Combat with humans now has a "FRAME" that pops in to make it more dramatic
  • Revolver has a new look. Feels much more western
  • Added a "Dust" effect when enemy humans are killed
  • Changed the event graphic for bandit raid
  • Adjusted the time between walking/running to feel a bit more natural
  • changed the amount of dashing forward that happens when you use a knife or a stick
  • sped up the knife/sword/stick slightly
  • reduced the chance to be dazed by a stick
  • Adjusted the spawn rate of bandits in the wild to be higher for the sake of the demo
  • Lowered the HP of bandits, but increased the number of them in a mob
  • Freezing status  condition hurts you, but it is very slow to hurt you
  • Changed the way the camera works slightly
  • If you die due to disease it'll now have a tombstone text
  • made some minor adjustments to the HUD spacing


  • Fixed a bug where if you had a status condition the game will load and turn your player a flat color
  • Fixed a bug with the bridge that goes over rivers
  • Fixed a bug where rivers would cut through hills
  • Fixed a bug where the tiles under the edges of cliffs would have the wrong sprites
  • Fixed a bug where the player would crouch while reloading sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where the using/reloading animations would play the wrong frames
  • Fixed a bug where building a campfire spawns it too close to you hurting you


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Oct 03, 2017

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