V0.0.1d is now live!

Very exciting! I attended PAX for some unrelated development meetings and gathered a LOT of great notes. You'll be seeing a lot of that in future updates. Either way, PAX really put a bit of an odd timetable on this update - so its REALLY big compared to the last few. Heres what we got cooking!

Whats new

  • Character creator v1 in game - only a few options to customize right now, but easily expanded code wise to include more
  • Career selector in game - only a few careers so far
  • Simple CRAFTING (combine x with y) mechanics in game
  • Match item in game
  • Wood item in game
  • CAMPFIRES can now be crafted
  • Added DASH into game, allowing you to move quicker, slide under enemies, or dash into them to knock them back
  • Swapped run into an auto feature after walking a few steps
  • Duster jacket is finally in game and definitely gives much more fluid movement
  • The backstab option is now stronger
  • Added a new temporary event - BANDIT RAID
  • Added a little "Saving" icon to the bottom corner so you know when the game is saving your progress
    New Intro event
  • There is now fun death dialogue if you die related to being too hot or too cold
  • Adjusted the "cost" of actions and how they drain on your food/water
  • Sneak now makes your character transparent when you can't be seen
  • Changed the colors of a lot of the menus
  • Outlines only show up around rocks or things when you have the tool necessary to hit it
  • Blacked out the option to "continue" when there is no save data present

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes caves didn't have an exit
  • Fixed a graphical bug with the kerchief
  • Fixed a graphical bug with red armor
  • Fixed a bug where your fishing pole would freak out when turning left/right
  • Fixed a bug where the temperature gauge would start below the gauge itself
  • Fixed a bug where the Event text would sometimes be uncentered
  • Fixed a bug where items would kind of "pop" into place loading long after they're supposed to


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Sep 18, 2017

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