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pretty cool

I love the art style, the animations and the overall atmosphere they evoke. Wish I could play it on my mac! 

also if i pushed the arrow keys too fast or held them it would freeze the ability to make an input for a few seconds so i'd have to wait before i could move again.

I got down to around floor 8, and one of those circle chests is in the area, but it spawned right in front of the corridor i need to go through to get to the stairs to the next level so I can't complete the floor.


It's so cool how much personality you captured with 1-bit sprites, both in design and animation.  Also pattern based combat works really well, especially with many enemies having tells as to when they will attack.  After 1-2 floors I felt bad for the axolotls, spiders and snakes 'cause they were just dancing so I stopped attacking them... The entrance floor was a nice touch teaching you how to open the next level too.  Some of the later levels were abit large, they took awhile to travel around though.  Also 1 tiny bug, I jumped on a spike and got hurt, then passed turns by moving at a wall, but the spikes didn't deal damage when they popped up while I was standing in place.